GRC is a week-long empowerment camp based on being in a rock band open to girls + trans and nonbinary youth ages 10-17. Campers will learn how to play an instrument, form a band, write an original song together, and then perform their song at a *real* concert for their family, friends, and future fans. It's so much FUN! Campers will spend the week making new friends, attending educational workshops, and collaborating with local women + trans and nonbinary folks to create music and art. We welcome campers of all skill levels, from “I’ve never even seen a bass!” to “check out this sweet drum solo!”

Although music and art are major aspects of this program, Girls Rock Camp is not a music camp. The week largely focuses on feminism and inclusion. We aim to build self-confidence and foster a sense of belonging while nurturing a supportive, encouraging environment. Many of our workshops and group activities include topics such as self-care, social justice, and community building.

2019 <— click here for information on this year’s GRC! <3


“LV Girls Rock Camp is more than just a camp. Every day at camp we learned about speaking up for ourselves, loving ourselves and spreading empowerment to others. The lessons I learned about taking care of our earth and being kind to others are lessons that I will remember for the rest of my life. Also, in the beginning of camp, all of us were so nervous and unsure and everyone made me feel so at home. And after each performance, everyone was given a huge, genuine cheer no matter what. I hope that more young girls will be able to have the same experience that I was able to have.”
- Lillian, 13 (LVGRC2015)

“In my opinion, the best– or one of the best– parts about the camp were the instructors’ personalities. They were all kind, friendly, fun and supportive. We were always partying and having fun there … by the end of the day, our faces would literally hurt from all of the laughing and smiling.”
- Shayla, 14 (LVGRC2014)

2018 was the fifth year of LV Girls Rock Camp, so we made a music video for our theme song to celebrate! Thank you to the campers in the video, all of our past campers, and each person who's ever been involved with our organization.