Ladyfest is a community-based arts & music festival that has been happening worldwide since 2000. We’re so lucky to have a tiny version of our own right here in the Lehigh Valley! LV L*dyfest was first organized by Hannae and friends at the Secret Art Space. ❤ Since the venue’s closure, the torch has been passed to us and the event has become one of our biggest fundraisers!

(Why the asterisk? Just like our programs, LV L*dyfest invites women + trans and nonbinary performers. We just need more time to think of a better name.)

2014 & 2015 performers include:
Amanda X / GSGA / Moonstruck / Off Camber / Slingshot Dakota
2015 performers include:
Ghost Gum / Marge / Pinkwash / Summer Scouts / Trophy Wife / VoirVoir
2019 performers include:
Bacchae / Ghost Lily / Grayling / Highnoon / Polymomorous (from LRC!)

(The first and second LV L*dyfests at SAS included performances by: Bad Temple, Cop Problem, Dark Circles, Fursaxa, Mad O, Ninjessa, Rosabelle, and Spanky.)

We took a few years off, but it’s back. If you’re interested in playing LV L*dyfest in 2020, email!