We need you! Volunteers can help by joining one (or more!) of several planning committees, promoting our events, leading a workshop, providing a service, lending gear to use during our programs.. the possibilities are endless!

Cis men are more than welcome to support our organization in many of the ways listed above. However, we reserve leadership opportunities and all roles at our programs for women + nonbinary and trans folks.

Please email us (hello@lvgirlsrock.org) for more information. 🙂

Below is a list of volunteer positions needed for Girls Rock Camp.

LOAD-IN, SET-UP CREW MEMBER (any gender, the Friday before camp)
We need *a lot* of help loading in and setting up our camp space. This position is largely labor intensive, requiring lifting and carrying heavy items while making many trips from the moving truck to our designated area. However, we also need a few people to do lighter things, such as hanging up decorations, getting our art supply area organized, and making sure each of the practice rooms have everything they need. Please email felicia@lvgirlsrock.org if you’re interested in this position!

PARENT LIAISON (full week commitment)
The Parent Liaisons will be the go-to people for any parental concerns. You will be responsible for checking in campers upon arrival each morning and checking them out when they leave. You will also be the keeper of epi pens and important camper information. We are looking for someone who has experience working with children and who is incredibly organized. Parents are so important to us and we want to make sure that they feel safe sending their kids to our awesome camp.

BAND MENTOR (full week commitment)
The Band Mentor works directly with one band of 4 campers during the entire week of camp. Each band will have both a Band Manager and a Band Mentor. The Band Mentor will help the campers develop positive relationships with their bandmates, teach teamwork skills, and encourage the campers to solve disagreements by promoting effective communication. No music experience necessary.

BAND MANAGER (full week commitment)
The Band Manager works directly with one band of 4 campers during the entire week of camp. Each band will have both a Band Manager and a Band Mentor. The Band Manager will help the campers write a song together by using the techniques learned in their instrument class, teaching the campers about song structure, and recording/ taking notes as the song develops. The Band Manager should have a basic understanding of songwriting and play more than one rock band instrument.

INSTRUMENT INSTRUCTOR (full week commitment)
The Instrument Instructor teaches an instrument class the first three days of camp. We currently offer guitar, bass guitar, drums, and vocals classes. Many of our campers will come with zero experience playing an instrument, so you will be working with both beginners and intermediate musicians. We are looking for Instrument Instructors as well as assistants. If you would like to help but don’t necessarily want to teach the class, you can still sign up for Instrument Instructor!

We have lots of workshop ideas and are looking for people to lead them! To be a Workshop Instructor or assistant you will only need to come to camp for one day. Some of our ideas for workshop topics include: choreography/stage presence, feminism, zine making, self-defense, poetry, screenprinting, body positivity, community arts, influential women in music & art, booking a show, running a record label, gender identity, acceptance, songwriting, women’s health, yoga.. and so much more! What are you interested in?

If you want to be there during the week of camp but can only commit to one or two days, this role is for you! A million and one things come up at camp and we will need all hands on deck. Some examples of places we need you include but are not limited to: Gear Crew (move amps, drums, etc. between classrooms), Tidy Team (lightly clean our activity space and volunteer area), Snapshot Squad (take photos for us to use on social media). CAMP IS FUN! No music experience necessary.

LAST DAY CREW MEMBER (any gender, the Friday of camp)
We need *so much* help on the last day of camp. The entire process of exiting the space is complicated, but can be split into about four steps: 1. breaking down, 2. packing and organizing, 3. loading out, and 4. cleaning up.
Please email felicia@lvgirlsrock.org if you’re interested in this position!

Our showcases are FANTASTIC and we need a lot of assistance to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible. We will need help loading in, setting up equipment, troubleshooting instrument & gear issues, decorating the stage, ushering, gathering the campers, selling merchandise, running and keeping things organized in general.