BF 2018

Our inaugural session was AMAZING. We helped form seven new bands!

How it worked:
1. We matched participants with two or three other folks and then introduced them all to each other as new bandmates. Some people signed up with old friends, and everyone else made new ones!
2. Each band had three months to write original songs and learn a cover with the goal of performing a 10-15 minute set. They were mostly on their own, but they had assistance from volunteers and other help along the way!
3. This program doubled as a fundraiser! Each band had a monetary goal each month. They competed against each other to win cool prizes— a photo shoot, band merch, a special headlining flyer, and time in a recording studio— which were awarded monthly to the band that raised the most money and the band that had the most donors. Together, everyone brought in over $8,200 through online fundraising!

The showcase at the end of the program was the culmination of three months of hard work. It was a huge success made possible by the participants’ bravery and dedication. <3 Congratulations to all of the bands for a fabulous show and a job well done!