Our organization is run by dedicated volunteers from the Lehigh Valley. We are comprised of musicians, artists, designers, teachers, moms, and all around amazing women + trans and nonbinary folks.

Meet our board of directors:

KELSI PAGE   |   she/her/hers |   kelsi@lvgirlsrock.org
Board President, Co-founder
While living in Texas, Kelsi spent a glorious summer volunteering with Girls Rock Austin as a coach to the legendary bands The Squids and The Not Knots. Years later, she is thrilled to bring such an incredible program back to her home town in the Lehigh Valley. She hopes to inspire youth to appreciate their creativity and help them use those outlets to stand up for themselves and support others. Currently, Kelsi spends her days as a Learning Support teacher at Circle of Seasons. She has recently stepped down from her roles of program director and camp director, as she and her partner enjoy time together with their two babies, Kirby and Felix.

PAM PAGE |   she/her/hers
During Pam Page’s 30+-year-long career of raising three children, she has always encouraged them to explore their individuality through music, art, sports, and whatever their imagination could dream up. She feels that all children should have the chance to be heard and the space to express themselves in their own unique way. She enjoys being the bookkeeper for small businesses and nonprofits as well as helping their organizations run smoothly and efficiently. Pam joined LVGR to help organize the financial end of the nonprofit and to help empower youth to blossom into their own unique selves!

JENNIFER ALPHA   |   she/her/hers |   jen@lvgirlsrock.org
Compliance Advisor
Jen first picked up a bass guitar as a camper at LVGR’s Let’s Rock Camp 2015 and has been learning ever since! She still has her middle school violin and dreams of finding ways to make it rock. By day, Jen uses her legal background to help local governments improve their community development programs. She works for social justice and looks for ways to lift people up to live their best lives. A few of her favorite things are her grey kitty, JackCat, soup, and LVGR’s camp week-- the best week of the year!

DELIA MARRERO   |   she/her/hers |   delia@lvgirlsrock.org
Development Coordinator
Delia was introduced to LVGR when her daughters registered for the inaugural GRC in 2014. She was immediately taken with the program and the positive effect it had on her daughters, so she's happy to finally be more involved with the organization. Currently, she works for one of the biggest nonprofits in the Lehigh Valley and brings over a decade of nonprofit experience to our board. In her free time, she is a writer of fiction, a self-proclaimed poet, a dedicated mother, and a music lover. 

MICHELLE ELLISON   |   she/her/hers |   michelle@lvgirlsrock.org
Momentum Manager
More organizer than artist, Michelle loves working with creative nonprofits. She enjoys reading, practicing civic-mindedness, and quoting Leslie Knope. Michelle is grateful that LVGR exists! She is inspired by the campers and is thrilled to be contributing to the organization. She looks forward to seeing you at the next camp showcase and encourages you to vote in every single election.  

JASMINE WOODSON   |   she/her/hers |   jasmine@lvgirlsrock.org
Education Coordinator
A child of the military, Jasmine lived all over the United States before settling in Pennsylvania as a teenager. Ever-present in her school and local public libraries, she developed a love of reading and writing that forms the basis of who she is today as a librarian, teacher, and lifelong learner. She believes in the power of self-expression, creative and intellectual curiosity, and community-building and is excited to play a role in growing LVGR's community relationships and education programs. 

Meet our staff:

FELICIA LOCKETT   |   she/her/hers |   felicia@lvgirlsrock.org
Executive Director, Co-founder
Felicia started playing music in the fourth grade when she joined her school’s band program and learned how to play the clarinet. It quickly became one of her favorite activities. She is now a self-taught multi-instrumentalist eager to give the gift of music to anyone who is willing to accept it. Felicia’s past involvement in helping to run a local DIY music venue has furthered an interest in community participation, youth engagement, and intersectional feminism. She is passionate about social justice and committed to helping others through empathy and encouragement.

Meet our key volunteers:

BECCA BUHLER   |   she/her/hers |   becca@lvgirlsrock.org
Volunteer Coordinator
Becca first got involved with LVGR during the first Let’s Rock Camp, where she played drums in The Dangerettes. Since then, she has enjoyed being a part of our community and volunteering as an instrument instructor and band manager at both camps. Music has always been a huge part of Becca’s life and being a part of this organization is a way for her to share that passion with others.

RACHEL LUCE   |   she/her/hers
GRC Camp Director
Rachel was born and raised in Easton, PA. During the school year, she studies conflict analysis and resolution in Baltimore, MD, though she still calls the Lehigh Valley home. She is passionate about community organizing, and is involved with youth engagement and urban farming in the Baltimore area. She loves playing the trumpet, photography, hiking, and going to shows. Rachel participated in this year's Let's Rock Camp for the first time and she is excited to bring her energy to Girls Rock Camp to support and learn from the campers and volunteers.