BF 2019

Do you want to start a band and play a show?! We can help!

the band factory-1.jpg

no experience necessary | free to join | open to women and trans/ nonbinary folks over 18

1. Register now through August 31st!
Fill out this form to sign up. We'll match you with two or three other participants and then introduce you all to each other as new bandmates. Or, if you're joining with friends, let us know and we'll put you together. (We just ask that you aren't an established band already.) The launch party is September 1st!
2. Write three songs over the course of two months!
Once we link you up, coordinating band practice is totally up to you. You'll be on your own, but you'll have assistance from one of our volunteers and other help along the way!
3. Raise money for LVGR!
This is a fundraiser! You'll have a monetary goal each month. Prizes will be awarded monthly to the band that raises the most money per bandmate and the band that has the most donors per bandmate.
4. Get to the gig!
The show (all-ages, open to the public) will be November 2nd (venue TBD). Winners from each month will be announced for all to hear *and* there'll be a special prize for the crowd favorite.

For more information, email!