GRC 2018

This year was our fifth annual! Twenty-four campers, ages 10-17, spent the week with us at Liberty High School in Bethlehem, PA. They learned how to play an instrument, formed a band, wrote an original song together, and then performed at a *real concert*– all in just six days! Our campers also attended workshops based on this year’s theme: RAISE YOUR VOICE. Our curriculum was focused on speaking up for yourself & others and claiming your space unapologetically.

opening: introductions | SCREAM CIRCLE | instrument assignment & band formation!
rock: instrument lessons | band practice
workshops: the secrets to songwriting | gender pronouns are lit
performance: a solo set by Brenna S.

special: balancing vessels— colorful necklaces
rock: instrument lessons | band practice
workshops: poetry writing | band logo design
performance: camper open mic!

special: ridiculous time! | band promo photos
rock: instrument lessons | band practice
workshops: queer artists | anti-racism work
performance: Mannequin Pussy

special: theme song sing-along!
rock: band practice
workshops: screen printing | nourishing your voice through self-care
performance: camper open mic!

rock: band practice | showcase run-through!
workshops: being brave on stage
closing: end-of-camp reflections ❤ | awards ceremony!

Our program concluded with the showcase on Saturday July 28th at Diamond Theatre. “Raise Your Voice” featured seven bands each playing their original song in front of their family, friends, and future fans. The show was SO GOOD. The performances were fantastic and Kelsi finally got to be the MC!

We would like to thank all of our sponsors, our amazing volunteers (many took off an entire week of work to be with us), and each of the incredible kids who attended camp. You all help to make this possible! We love you and we are grateful. 

watch Scream The Meaning   here  !

watch Scream The Meaning here!

watch Commercial Break perform   here  !

watch Commercial Break perform here!

watch Crystalized Sun Rayz perform   here  !

watch Crystalized Sun Rayz perform here!

watch Dabbing Donuts perform   here  !

watch Dabbing Donuts perform here!

watch Rockstars perform   here  !

watch Rockstars perform here!

watch Trash Mammals perform   here  !

watch Trash Mammals perform here!

watch Carfuffle!? perform   here  !

watch Carfuffle!? perform here!